Canadian Copyright Reform

In a follow-up to sfllaw's recent post, here are some other RSS-syndicated blogs that are related to digital copyright and digital rights management (DRM) issues:


Though expressing your concerns to Bev Oda is certainly a good idea, don't overlook contacting your own MP and raising issues that you feel are important. I, for one, want Bill C-60 and DRM to be an election issue.

It's finally set up

I've been meaning to set up some kind of blogging account for a long time now. A couple of years ago, I toyed around with WordPress, but the overhead was annoying...especially the overhead of trying to recover MySQL databases that I'd accidentally deleted or corrupted when poking around on my Debian and (later) Ubuntu system.

So, hopefully, I'll have the willpower to keep this journal relatively up-to-date on my general musings and whatnot. Given the fact that I'm currently on severance and not in any great rush to find another job, I'm sure that I'll have plenty of time to ruminate on things to write.